Community Sewn Face Mask for PICK UP ONLY  (not made by Unshattered)

Community Sewn Face Mask for PICK UP ONLY (not made by Unshattered)

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Through partnership with Valley Christian Church and Flores Food Truck we are acting as a connector between our community of the Hudson Valley who is sewing masks and healthcare workers or others seeking face masks during this time of crisis. This is a volunteer effort being coordinated by Unshattered.

This item is available as a gift with donation to Unshattered. The donations for these masks will cover the transaction fee to order this item and the remaining change will support our time and expenses for the urgent work we are doing to provide similar masks to our local hospitals. We are grateful for your support as we help keep our women, who are overcoming addiction, homelessness, trafficking, incarceration and more, in stable employment during this difficult time. 

Photo is an example. Design, colors, fabrics, style, size will vary.

This is not an N95 mask, nor is it an FDA approved mask of any type. This is a "better than nothing" mask as per the CDC's crisis capacity guidelines that if you do not have a mask, tying a scarf around your face is the last, but better than nothing option. We make no claims as to the effectiveness of this product in protecting the user from COVID-19 nor any other illness, etc.

These masks are NOT made by Unshattered. They are anonymously donated by sewers in our community. We make no guarantee as to the materials, quality, cleanliness, effectiveness, or effect on allergies. 

1) You should assume this mask has not been washed and is not sanitized. The risk is on the user to sanitize the mask before use.

2) If your mask has a filter slot you may choose to insert a filter of your choice or use the mask without a filter.

3) We make no guarantees what fabric these masks are made out of. They may shrink or bleed in the wash.

4) You may place an order for masks to be donated to someone in need by sending a note to with the subject "DONATE MY ORDER" and including your name and order number.

5) Your mask(s) will be available for pick up ONLY. You may pick your mask up the second day after purchase between the hours of 5-7 PM at the food truck with the plexiglass window parked in the lot of Valley Christian Church at 1072, Route 82, Hopewell Junction NY. The truck has a plexiglass window to ensure safe pickup without face to face contact. 

The pick up location is open 7 days. You MUST be able to show your receipt and order number for pick up. 

Orders placed on Monday will be available for pick up on Wednesday.
Orders placed on Tuesday will be available for pick up on Thursday. 
Orders placed on Wednesday will be available for pick up on Friday.
Orders placed on Thursday will be available for pick up on Saturday.
Orders placed on Friday will be available for pick up on Sunday.
Orders placed on Saturday will be available for pick up on Monday.
Orders placed on Sunday will be available for pick up on Tuesday.

Orders not picked up within 72 hours will be returned to inventory. 


7) User hearby releases Unshattered, Valley Christian Church, Flores Food Truck and any and all volunteers involved in this distribution project from any suits and claims which may arise from use of this product whatsoever at law or in equity.

Note that the Flores Food Truck is adjacent to this pickup location and will be serving amazing food for purchase at their truck! Consider thanking them for donation one of their truck for our use buy buying your dinner from Flores Food Truck. (