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Joey (US Army Uniform) Makeup Kit


This makeup kit is handcrafted from an upcycled US Army uniform. It’s delightfully useful for everyday and for travel. The inside is lined with vegan leather that resists spills and wipes clean.

This bag was made by Dee Dee, our team member who is winning her fight against addiction. It is named for a man we’re connected to who is still struggling with addiction. We hope you’ll join us in hoping and praying for Joey that he will find healing and a way out of addiction like our team has.

Bag Details:
– protective inside cream colored liner to hold your lipstick, cosmetics, phone etc.
– main body of the bag is 11.5 x 4.5 x 6  inches
– brass zipper
– #iusedtobe: Manufacturing Scraps, US Army Combat Uniform

Unshattered is 501C3 non-profit social enterprise. Our mission is to provide pathways towards sustained sobriety and economic independence for women who are winning their fight against addiction. We are committed to demonstrating that the cycle of addiction can be broken and are proud to be a facilitator of lasting, positive change.