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Erica (Broadway Set) Clutch

Only 1 available


A true work of art! Made from an original backdrop from a Broadway show, you’ll be carrying a one of a kind piece of history. Don’t miss the gorgeous interior from reclaimed upholstery fabric.

Each Unshattered bag is handcrafted by a woman in recovery who is winning her fight against addiction. This bag is a tangible representation of her life story – something worn-out, discarded and purposeless transformed into something beautiful, meaningful and purposeful.

This bag is named after Erica – a woman who is still fighting her battle against addiction. Carry it in her honor and join us in hoping that she finds healing just like the women on our team have.

Bag Details:
– two internal side-wall pockets in varying sizes to hold your phone, cosmetics, etc.
– main body of the bag is 13 x 9.5
– gold magnetic snap closure
– #iusedtobe: Broadway show backdrop, upholstery remnants

Unshattered is 501C3 non-profit social enterprise. Our mission is to provide pathways towards sustained sobriety and economic independence for women who are winning their fight against addiction. We are committed to demonstrating that the cycle of addiction can be broken and are proud to be a facilitator of lasting, positive change.