Surgical Mask Instructions

  • Two pieces of cotton fabric, 7”x9”
  • Use a 4” x 2.5” strip of Aluminum foil/HVAC tape* with the backing removed, fold it in half longways, then fold in half again, then fold it in half once more.  (*Tape can be found at your local hardware store)
  • Fold the top edge of both pieces fabric down  ½ inch, then fold down another ½ inch and iron, so you have a finished edge
  • Place the foil strip inside of the seam, in the outside piece of fabric and sew on both sides creating a pocket

  • Sew all the way down the bottom of each seam, (do not sew through the foil tape!!) 

  • Cut two pieces of elastic at 7” each, or 4 pieces of string, or fabric strips long enough to tie behind your head.

  • With the two pieces of fabric facing each other right sides in, start sewing after the foil strip, so you can leave an opening to place a filter through the top. Sew to the corner then place the elastic in the corner, continue to sew around the rectangle, when you get to each corner pull the other side of the elastic, or your piece of string, through and sew into the corner.

  • Turn the mask right side out through the opening in the top.

  • Pleat both sides 3x without overlapping and use pins to hold in place.
  • Topstitch starting at the end of foil (so you don’t puncture) and go around to the opposite side of foil tape, leaving the opening. Make sure to stitch back and forth when going over the pleats to secure in place.

Unshattered's mission is to end relapse by providing employment and job skills training for women in recovery from addiction. As of 3/20/20 we have shifted our operations from making handbags from upcycled materials to making facemasks to fulfill the urgent shortage in NY state. 


We are making this shift with no committed funding and volunteering our time, materials and resources to supply our hospitals with these masks during their shortage. We are counting on public support through donations and purchase of our stock products in order to keep our organization running and serving our community in new ways.


This is an incredible opportunity to keep our most economically and emotionally vulnerable population employed during this time while serving the greater community. Consider the thought: the Narcan used on someone who overdosed might have now led to a chain of events that could save your life.


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