Turn your memories into something beautiful.

How to commission your custom bag:

1) Check out our social media, online shop, and the photos below for ideas
2) Fill out the request form below
3) We'll get in touch to consult on the design and details 
4) Pay via invoice 
5) Ship or deliver your personal item to us
6) Enjoy your one of a kind bag!

We start the production process as soon as the invoice is paid and we receive your item. We are currently running at 2-3 weeks for completion. 

We have made custom handbags from just about anything you can imagine:
uniforms, wedding gowns, leather and suede coats, robes, aprons, special tapestries, suits and ties, fly fishing vests, and more. We've even made a diaper bag out of the baby's great grandfather's flannel work shirts!

Please note that our custom pricing is higher than our stock prices. The price for your one of a kind bag includes access to most talented artists who consult with you on the design and manage through project all the way through design review, production, and shipping. 

We may be able to expedite an order depending on our schedule (additional fees apply). 



 - We measure twice and cut once...  goods can not be returned intact once construction has begun.

- We'll put the scraps from your project to good use unless you specifically request their return.

- We're all in and we want to know you are too, full payment is required before we begin the project.

- We know you can't wait to see the finished product, neither can we! Each project is special and meaningful and it is an honor for us to craft it for you. Your item will be ready to ship within 30 days of receipt of payment AND receipt of your personal item.

- Remember that we're working within the restrictions of the size, weight, robustness, etc. of the material. Our goal is to THRILL you with the outcome and we do our best to create exactly what you are picturing. Sometimes getting to the best final product means changing the design along the way due to condition or details of the item we are working with. We reserve creative freedom for minor changes in structure,  size,  etc. If we make significant changes to the design we will get in touch to make sure you're happy with where we are heading. Minor changes will be made at the discretion of Unshattered.

We assume you want the item used in the condition we receive it. We do not clean or repair items before we begin the project. Please let us know up front if there are flaws or stains you want us to work around. Otherwise, we consider the patina to be part of the beauty of the item.


We're honored that you trust us with this special project! You can mail or deliver your items to us at:

Unshattered c/o Amanda
1064 Route 82 
Hopewell Junction, NY 12533

Please place a note in the box with your name and return address so we know it's a custom order and not a donation.

Thank you so much, we look forward to making your keepsake for you!

Custom Order