Jennine’s Story

Before coming to the Walter Hoving Home I had accepted the fact that I would never be a productive or useful member of society. The lies I believed about my worth were so ingrained into my being that I was paralyzed by fear of failure and the only solace was found in heroin and alcohol. I have a daughter who suffered as a result of my addiction and the rest my family didn’t even know who I was.

Unshattered opened many doors for me, teaching me how to have confidence in leadership, which has prepared me for my role in ministry. It taught me that leadership isn’t about having all the right answers, it’s about pointing others to Christ. In that I’m learning to be a godly mother to my daughter and the relationships in my family are being restored!

I hope to continue in ministry in New England where I will be close to family. My prayers are that Lord will continue to enable me to serve both in and outside of the home while growing me more into the woman he made me to be and drawing me into deeper relationship with Him!