About Unshattered

Unshattered is a nonprofit social enterprise employing women who are winning their fight against addiction.

The women of Unshattered make handbags and other textile products out of repurposed items and other high-quality, donated materials. These products are tangible representations of the transformation occurring in their lives. The process of taking pieces of discarded materials and turning them into beautiful handbags helps our artists discover the power of true change, that wholeness can be returned to something once broken.

Our mission is to end relapse by providing pathways toward economic independence and sustained sobriety.

Unshattered & Recovery Home Partnerships

Unshattered gives women who are winning their fight against addiction a chance to express themselves creatively. The design and creation process is a cathartic experience for many of them, as it is representative of their own transformation. The women have the opportunity to speak about their products at tradeshows and events, tell their stories in person and online, and receive direct feedback from the people who purchase their products. The affirmation they receive when people admire their work is deeply meaningful and impactful.

Unshattered employs women in residence at and who have completed the recovery program at the Hoving Home, Mercy Multiplied, and a growing list of partners. When you support Unshattered, you  allow us to employ more women and grow our staff to help even more women continue to win their fight against addiction.

The 3 Stages of Unshattered

How we make our products

We apply the Japanese art style of Kintsugi to many of our products. Kintsugi uses gold to repair broken pottery, making the once broken object more valuable than it was in its original condition. This is why gold stitching appears throughout our product line. It symbolizes the transformation of our women and serves as a reminder that brokenness is not permanent. Kintsugi means “more beautiful for having been broken”.

Kintsugi (golden joinery)
Kintsugi (golden joinery)

Meet Kelly Lyndgaard

“Why Unshattered? To turn the could-have-beens into real success stories.”
– Kelly Lyndgaard

Kelly is the founder and CEO of Unshattered. She is an engineer and physicist by training, but a problem solver and strategist at heart.

Inspired by the strength and commitment of women doing the hard work of recovery at the Hoving Home, she wanted to build them a path forward to sustained sobriety, independence, and economic stability.

Having long admired the social business model which uses enterprise to solve social issues, Kelly stepped out of her executive role in the technology industry to grow Unshattered. She is committed to ending relapse for women across the country.

For the full story of how Unshattered was started, read What Inspired Unshattered.

Our History

  • 2012
    • Emily speaks at Valley Christian church and shares her story of being the family caretaker at age 8 and having a friend’s 15-year-old brother finding it funny to get an 8-year-old high. 10 years later, she was a homeless, mainline heroin addict. Years later, she goes through recovery at the Hoving Home and stays on as staff member. (In 2017 Emily joins Unshattered as Director of Operations!)
  • 2013
    • In the worst snowstorm of the year, Kelly pitches the idea of Unshattered to the Executive Director of the Hoving Home, Beth Greco.
    • A few months later, Kelly begins teaching women at the Home how to sew and begins collecting material and discarded coats.
    • Unshattered is officially started.
  • 2014
    • The business is featured is featured in major publications locally and nationally and more than doubles our revenue goal.
    • Unshattered creates the first custom bags using material from family heirlooms and is invited to the prestigious Garrison Art Fair as an Artist/Vendor.
  • 2015
    • Unshattered makes a commissioned bag for an Olympic medalist figure skater.
    • The first alumna of Unshattered lands a job as the Program Director at the New York City Rescue Mission when they open their doors to their first ever women’s program.
    • Unshattered launches its second studio at the Accelerator in Newburgh, NY.
    • Unshattered doubles its 2014 income.
  • 2016
    • Unshattered begins collaborating on designs with two global companies.
    • Unshattered is established as an independent 501c3 nonprofit and begins offering full time employment.
    • Military line is launched with bags made from retired US Army uniforms.
    • Bags are carried in seven stores, including on the campus of United States Military Academy at West Point.

Unshattered 2017 Impact

Unshattered provides employment to women winning their fight against addiction while returning 100% of our net profit to the Hoving Home.

$25,000 returned to the  Hoving Home    |    100% of our business expenses were covered by donations    |     4 women employed full time    |      27 women gained job skills

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